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Meet the Doctors

Drs. Marc and Lauren Nickens were both born and raised in Melbourne, Florida. They graduated with their bachelors’ degrees in Clinical Health Sciences and Exercise Science from the University of Central Florida. After which they continued on to receive their doctorates from Palmer College of Chiropractic.

After graduating, they each had the privilege of working alongside some of the most distinguished and renowned chiropractors in North America, receiving advanced training and certifications from two of the nation's largest health clinics in spinal correction, nutrition, exercise, and toxicity. Dr. Lauren and Dr. Marc have adjusted patients of all ages, ranging from just minutes old to 102 years of age!

Having a true understanding of lifelong health, they are committed to helping every patient achieve the life they deserve. They teach a wide range of health workshops to large corporations, local businesses, churches, schools and other organizations. With the mission to help the people of Colorado Springs experience hope, health and wholeness, they opened Northgate Family Chiropractic in early 2018.

Dr. Marc Nickens


From Dr. Marc:

I found my passion and was inspired to become a chiropractor, when numerous members of my family were struck with sickness, disease, and early death. This prompted me to ask tough questions about health and how the human body works. While exploring options in healthcare, the principles of MaxLiving stood out from the rest: to find the cause of health problems rather than just treat the symptoms.

My experiences have led me to firmly believe that the body needs no help to heal and function, it simply needs no interference. My ultimate goals are to help people minimize the usage of medication, prevent illness and disease, and to ensure that families in my community are able to experience life abundantly. My passion in life is to serve others by helping them reach their God-given potential.

It is my wife and I’s mission to restore Colorado Springs’ trust in the body's innate ability to heal. With chiropractic at the core of the 5 Essentials, we remove interference from the nerve system to increase health and improve quality of life.

Dr. Lauren Nickens


From Dr. Lauren:

I love the opportunity I have to empower and encourage people to reach their full potential, both in life and in health, and to provide hope that they are not defined by their diagnosis. My mission and privilege is to help another mother, father, child, or friend, get their health back so they can not only live the life they were called to, but also to help and inspire those around them to make healthy life choices. I have a passion for serving expecting moms, ensuring that their body is in proper alignment for delivery, as well as adjusting newborns, infants, and children so that their bodies are healing and functioning at 100% from the start.

The mission of MaxLiving is to change the way healthcare is viewed and delivered in this country, and I absolutely believe it is possible with education and each person taking responsibility for their own health.

My Husband and I were called to the city of Colorado Springs. We love our town, we are grateful for the mission we are a part of, and look forward to every person and family we get to meet and help achieve their highest potential in health.

Emily Lawrence

Patient Care Coordinator

Emily joined Northgate Family Chiropractic after moving to Colorado springs from Oklahoma. She started her MaxLiving journey after her dad attended a lunch and learn with a MaxLiving chiropractor and was educated about spinal health. He had himself and his whole family's spines checked. As a family they learned about each others subluxations and the immediate care they needed. After learning about spinal health Emily was inspired to further educate herself about nutrition, a healthy mindset, and the benefits of exercise. Being apart of the MaxLiving community has helped her continue learning about whole body health and has given her the opportunity to share her knowledge with others. In her free time Emily enjoys exploring the great outdoors with her husband, sipping coffee, and spending time with family and friends.

Alison Prouty

Lead CA

Alison joined Northgate Family Chiropractic in July 2018 after working in elementary schools. What she didn’t realize was she was starting a job that would change the course of her life forever. She suffered from migraines since she was in elementary school and never found relief from them. A normal week looked like being stuck at home with a migraine, taking a pain reliever to try to make the migraines more manageable, and missing out on life being stuck in bed. Since getting adjusted she has been FREED from consistent migraines and needing to depend on migraine medications to get through the day. Since tasting the freedom of not having to plan her life around her headaches she has been able to encourage those around her about how your mindset changes everything and the freedom you get through chiropractic. She is so excited to help others who suffer from migraines and other chronic pain in experiencing health and wholeness.When she’s not at the office she’s chasing after her golden doodle Norman on hikes, and enjoying the perfect cup of coffee at a local coffee shop.


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